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SwipeWipe™ - Magnetic Two side Window Cleaner

SwipeWipe™ - Magnetic Two side Window Cleaner

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Clean your Windows as if You could Fly! and don't let Dirty windows drive you crazy anymore!

Thanks to the SwipeClean™ Strong Magnets now you can Clean your windows like never before! Swipe both sides effectively at the same time making it super Easy and FUN! This has become the absolute solution to Clean your windows and a must have at home!

This SwipeClean™ is the best way to clean windows specially those hard to reach areas. The Innovative cleaning brush can be used for cleaning windows, fish tanks, skylights, patio doors, shower doors, mirrors and even tile.

  • Reach areas you've never been able to reach before: Not only helps you making your cleaning super fast on any glass, it will also let you those hard to reach places!

  • Clean Both Sides Effectively at the same time: Thanks to its Strong Magnets, you just need to focus on the inside while the other half of the SwipeClean™ will replicate your movements on the outside!

  • Extremely Strong magnets assure a FUN cleaning experience: Don't be surprised if your partner or kids see you cleaning and end up asking to do the cleaning for you!

  • Fun, Easy & Safe to use: It was never so safe, fun and easy to clean the outside of any window! Comes with an integrated strap to hold your SwipeClean™ on the outside in case it fall!
  • Strong Absorption: Suitable for single-glazed window with a thickness of 3-12mm. Clean your windows quickly and effectively. NOTE: Magnetic Glass Wipe does not work on double glazed windows.
  • Environmentally Friendly Material: High quality plastic material, practical, sturdy, drip-proof and durable.
  • Unique Design: Double-sided design, strong magnetic, very safe and convenient. Can be used for sliding doors, windows, vehicle windows, shower screens, mirrors, Fish Tanks, any glass surfaces...
  • Modern Design Window Glass Cleaner: The angular design makes it easy to wipe off the corners. The distribution of the magnetic design is easy to scrub!

Window Type Thickness Description
Regular or Tempered  Glass 3-12mm Any Regular Home glass, Shop glass Door, Fish tank, French Sash, etc


  1. Spray Both sides of your window with water mixed with any detergent, if not possible, make sure the SwipeClean™ sponges are well soaked on water and detergent.
  2. Secure the Outside SwipeClean™ half to your wrist using the strap that comes inside the box.
  3. Place the outside half on your window and attach it to the inside half letting the magnets do its job.
  4. Swipe from the top to the bottom making an arc.
  5. Enjoy your Cristal clear window from both sides!

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