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PipeDredge™ Pipe Dredge Deodorant

PipeDredge™ Pipe Dredge Deodorant

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Food residue on the sink? Yellow-colored washstand? Stubborn Toilet stains? Delimited drainpipe? Pungent bathtub drain?

Clean The Most Stubborn surfaces with ease!


"I'm so happy to have found this product it helped us remove all residues, leaving the pipes clean and it also got rid of that bad smell we were fighting with for months!"

Karla L.

Our Wild Tornado™ Deodorant is hands down the most effective cleaning solution for all of the most stubborn surfaces.
  • Forget About Bad Smell coming out of your drain.

  • Protects your Surfaces: The Pipe Dredge Deodorant won't harm your drains, pipes, or septic system, as it is made only from non-corrosive & noncaustic materials.

  • Pipe Dredge Deodorant is no harm to your health. This all-natural cleaning solution will change the way you clean your house and keep things tidy. 

Q1: Is it Suitable for Any Surface or pipe drain?

Yes! Our Wild Tornado is made out of safe materials, making it safe to use on any pipe drain or surface without harming it, use it on Tiles, aluminum, Ceramic, plastic, steel, concrete, and more!

Feel Your home Fresh & Clean In seconds Avoiding expensive fees to get your pipes cleaned!

CLEANS ANY SURFACE: Drain Cleaner gets the job done by dissolving grease, hair, paper, soap scum, oils, and organic matter easily

  • Odorless formula

INSTANT RESULTS: You'll see how the Dredge Deodorant liquefies fats, oils, lint, paper, hair, and other organic matter unblocking your drainage in seconds. 

GREAT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: The Pipe dredging agent will not pollute the environment and has no corrosive effect on plastics, steel, and other pipes.

Q2: How to use it and how Does it Actually Works?

Use it in 3 simple steps:

1.- Open your Wild Tornado Pipe Dredge Deodorant.
2.- Pour 20g-40g on the drain with a blockage or with a bad smell.
3.- Add Water if there isn't any and see how the magic happens!

** (Wild Tornado is activated when it is in contact with water so if there is little amount or no water where you place it, you'll only need to add some water to activate it)

Wild Tornado uses a high-density formula that sticks to the walls of your pipes and alters the pH level to rapidly dissolve any obstruction.


  • Color: White.
  • Capacity: 100g.
  • Material: Enzyme.

Package Include:

  •  1x Wild Tornado - Pipe Dredge Deodorant
Customer Support & Guarantee:
  • If you have any inquiry just contact us at and we will be very happy to assist you at all times!
  • All orders placed are protected with a 30 day Full moneyback guarantee, no questions asked!
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