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EzRoller™ - New Furniture Roller Mover Set

EzRoller™ - New Furniture Roller Mover Set

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This product is very practical and easy to use. I use it once a week to clean the house and to organize furniture on holidays like Christmas and birthdays. It protects my back and makes the job much easier, I am very satisfied with this purchase.

Tania G.

Stop hurting your back moving furniture around!

Moving and Cleaning is Easy

The furniture lifter set is very easy to use and can be used by anyone –no matter how strong!

Use the furniture lifter to slightly lift the desired piece of furniture; then roll the mover pad sliders underneath and glide your furniture and appliances on the floor with ease!

For All furniture and Appliances

The furniture wheels are suitable for all kinds of heavy furniture and appliances around the house.

Use them for your couch, cabinet, refrigerator, washing machine, bookcase, piano table, and more! The heavy-duty wheels make them easy to glide on any surface, from hardwood floors to carpets

Safe, take care of your back

No need to worry if the tiny wheels can withstand the weight of your washer and dryer! Their smart design and heavy-duty materials make these rollers incredibly strong for phenomenal results.

Each wheel has a load of 660lbs so you can rest assured that it’s perfect for the job!

Traditional Move

Rely on Physical Strenght

With EzRoller!

Save time and anergy

More to Love

• Wheeled mover roller.360° antiskid pad, free to choose, easy to use.

• Wheel bar 90° position anti-off. It has a unique adjustable design for most 3. furniture and goods.

• Wheel bar ergonomically designed hand lever. The lever principle is used, which is more labor-saving.

• Wheel bar ABS pulleys are thick and wear-resistant. While ensuring firmness, they are also quiet and efficient in handling.

• The furniture on the top can rotate 360 degrees Because the mobile car black on the top of the Non-slip block is free to rotate. So the wheels can rotate in a universal direction.

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