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BabyWalk - Walking assistant Adjustable Size to Fit All

BabyWalk - Walking assistant Adjustable Size to Fit All

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The faster and easier way to help your kids learn to walk

Almost all kids struggle when learning to stand up by themselves and walk. And most parents are concerned of accidents or unwanted surprises. We feel you.

Our Award-Winning BabyWalk will make your baby learning to walk process, much faster and enjoyable. All of this, without causing you back or legs pain.

The BabyWalk Assistant is a unique vest which easily and comfortably fastens around babys’s chest. It helps babies learn to balance more naturally on their own, without relying on your hands. The assistant is healthier for baby’s shoulders, fosters motor development and is good for parents back, as no more bending over is needed.

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    ✔️Developed with medical experts, designers, engineers, and testing laboratories to ensure that this walking assistant meets the highest quality standards
    ✔️Helps babies learn to stand up and walk naturally
    ✔️Fosters balance and keeps baby safe
    ✔️Adjustable straps to fit any parent’s height
    ✔️Helps baby balance naturally, hands-free and prevents accidents
    ✔️No tugging and twisting little arms. Reduces back pain for parents

    Specs and Useful Information

      The soft and comfortable BabyWalk is easy to use; simply fasten the safety buckle and tighten snuggly for proper support.
      100% cotton.
      Machine wash.
      Vest fits chest circumferences from 19" to 26".
      Recommended for ages 6 months and up.

      How To Use Our BabyWalk

      Your baby should be doing three things in order to use BabyWalk. He/She should have good balance, should be able to bear weight unassisted, and should be clearly interested in trying to walk.

      BabyWalk snaps on easily and you and your baby are good to go. Fasten the safety buckle on the back of the BabyWalk vest and tighten the strap as snugly as possible for proper support. The vest should fit  tightly so it does not easily ride up on your child. (Plus, if it rides up it will ruin the look of her cute outfit.)  Always use the safety buckle – never depend on the hook and loop only to support your child.

      After fastening the vest, hold the handle straps securely while allowing your child to balance and confidently practice walking. (It’s a confidence exercise for you, too, mom. We know you’ll do just fine.) Letting babies be hands-free, as BabyWalk does, helps improve their balance and stability. Parents should always hold the handles with two hands. 

      Although your baby may be eager to walk, each baby is different; using BabyWalk may take some practice. You may need to try a few times before baby is comfortable. (You may need longer to come to terms with the fact that life as you know it is about to be utterly changed forever.)

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      Learning To Walk Ain’t No Cakewalk

      Before your baby can walk, He/She needs to have good balance and be able to bear the own weight, unassisted. It will need lots of practice – about 1,000 hours before he/she is a skilled walker. 

      Research shows that little ones who are learning to walk fall an average of 17 times per hour. That’s just an average, though – a very new walker may fall four times as often. In that hour, an active toddler can take over 2,000 steps and travel the length of over 7 football fields.  (Quick! If you haven’t yet done so, lock up the cookies, permanent markers, and any other controlled substances in your home.)

      When you hold your child’s hand to help her/his walk, you can disturb the natural sense of balance. This can throw off her gait. The inadvertent traction on your baby’s arm can also cause a painful but non-life threatening injury: nursemaid’s elbow.

      Customer Support & Guarantee:

      • If you have any question just contact us at and we will be very happy to assist you at all times!
      • All orders placed are protected with a 30 day Full moneyback guarantee, no questions asked!
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